Page name/tab name will not change after updating meta data

Hi I 've recently changed the name of some pages in the meta data area. I published the changes but the old name still remains on the tab. WHy is that and how can I fix it to reflect the new display name.

Hi Mallorie,

Did you change both the “Display Name” and “file name” of these pages?
Also, did you run a full site publish after making the changes or instant publish? If you ran a full publish were the pages “Approved” prior to running the publish?


I changed both names and i did an instant publish. Do I need to do a full publish? Since I’, an administrator I usaully dont have to approve the pages I make.

Hi Mallorie,

No a instant publish should of published the pages meta data changes.

Where is it that you are still seeing the old name of the pages?

In your original message you mentioned that you see the old name on a tab? Can you give me more information about these tabs.

I see the old name on the display tab once published. I’ve change both file and dispaly name and it it still has the old name of the display tab. I’m made a video trying to show what problems I’m having but I cant upload it here…so I’m attaching three screenshots

Hi Mallorey,

Try change the title in the Meta-data of the page under “SEO”

Let me know if that works