Page Not Publishing

I have one page this is consistently not publishing - specifically the right rail when updates are made. Any thoughts? I’ve tried publishing with a full publish and individually.


For something like I am going to need a little more information to help you out.

What specifically was it saying when you publish this page, and it doesn’t publish? Sometimes a really easy solution to fix it is to check the pages code through some sort of HTML validator. It is going to give you some errors just because some of our back-end code that renders the Percussion UI is baked into the page, but don’t worry about that. The most important thing is to see if you left any tags open, or maybe just did something silly with the markup.

If none of that checks out, take a look at this… Go to Publish, and look at the publishing logs.

Here are 2 sample responses we see:

These above show that the first one completed successfully but the 2nd one did not. To understand why the second one didn’t publish correctly, click on the the tab to the right with more details:

The most common error I see is that one I listed above. In which case someone from IT would need to investigate the DTS a little more and make sure it is functioning properly. Generally it might not be running, or potentially not setup correctly, either way a quick and easy thing to troubleshoot.

My apologies if my response is overkill, but we do get this question a lot and I wanted to make sure it was applicable to the entire community.