page optimizer running slowly

my page optimizer often takes quite a while to open (18 seconds). Then quite often when I go to the keywords screen it hangs and just spins and spins for several minutes. Seems like if I close it and then reopen it sometimes then comes up right away. My users have been commenting. I know its got a lot of data to process through so I’m just encouraging people to be patience. Are these normal wait times?

also I just put in my targeted keywords today and its over lapping with Alerts.

Also the key words that you put in for Page optimizer its using the same 20 for across all sites. I would like a way to be able to enter in separate keywords for each site. It doesn’t work to have one set for 2 totally different sites. Please please in the next release of PO

This is a great conversation that’s separate from the main one, so I created a new conversation to continue the discussion.

Please reference the new conversation here: Page Optimizer: Allow separate Keywords lists for each site.

Hi Sandy,

The overlapping issue has been reported as a bug so that should be fixed when we next push a release to Page Optimizer. As for the performance issues you are having, we’ve not had any other reports of slowness so I’d encourage you to log a support ticket next time it happens, especially if it times out. That way we can reference the time the problem occurred and check the logs on our end.

Finally, I span off a new Idea for the multiple keywords list idea - thanks!