Page Redirect Question


Currently we meet an URL question, we want to keep some old URLs functional.

for example: This is the Nursing school’s website, but in CM1 system we are currently put it in Academic Section, Is there any way to keep the old URL functional ? Because many of our university’s promotional materials are having those old website URL.

I tried to create a regular page named “~son”, and put some scripts in it to redirect the page, the problem is the URL is going to be /son, but not /~son.

Does any one have some better solutions? Thanks very much.


You could use a Javascript style redirect in the meta-data for the page in the section Code insert after body start:

You could put something like this in:

$(document).ready(function() {
setTimeout("location.href=''", 8000);

You would need to change the location.href to whatever page you want it to redirect to. You may also want to decrease the timeout currently that will wait 8 seconds before it redirects.

I would suggest a 301 redirect - which is done with a text file entry in the Tomcat server. Each 301 entry tells the Web server to redirect from one URL to another url. If the new /son section is now being managed in CM1, then a single 301 entry enabling from /~son to /son would enable old bookmarks and other URLs in other sites to continue to work.

If the /~son section is NOT managed at all in CM1, then you can just manually enter that URL wherever you need it. For example, in the navigation editor, you can create an “external section” and just enter “http://host/~son” as the url for the externally managed site/section. Other widgets and link editors elsewhere enable the same thing.

Thanks for all answers. One thing I may need to clarify is that the old page with URL will be GONE, that’s why we want people who type in the url in browers be redirected to a new page.

About the scripts solution, I have tried this one, but it seems that the system can’t create a page have this URL Thus where shall I put the redirect scripts?

The 301 redirect sounds good. If there is not going to be an actual page having URL, can i still use this solution ???

The Section External Link solution, I don’t want to redirect a page to the, I want to redirect to other page. Other than that, if I create a Section External Link Page, it will appear in the navigation menu…


I think 301 redirects are the way to go here, and I know how to do that in apache, but I know nothing about tomcat. What configuration file do I edit to create the redirect, and what’s the syntax of the redirect?