I see an error on perc-common-ui/js/perc_common_ui.js. It’s looking for it in the root of our web directory, but we haven’t stored it there. Does anyone know where this file/directory belongs?



The directory you specify should be housed in the “webapps” folder off of your Tomcat’s root folder. It should look like: {tomcat_root}\webapps\perc-common-ui\js . You can reference this help document for more detailed information about file and folder locations for the delivery tier services:…

If your directory is properly structured, can you give me more information about the error you’re encountering?


Hi Nathaniel,

I forgot to mention we are on CM1. Would it be the same directory?


Yes, this is all CM1 specific. Let me know how it goes.

I can only see a share drive. I don’t have access to the server, but it looks as though it’s in the right place. Maybe it’s being requested incorrectly from one of the templates. I’ll look there. Thanks!


The path is not editable or accessible to users. It’s automatically added by CM1 and the path will be relative to the root “/perc-common-ui”.

Are you seeing this in the local site or the published site?

Hi Daved,

The file is getting loaded in the browser, but the code is sending out error messages. I believe the message is erroneous. We will take a look at it later, as this doesn’t appear to be a problem at the moment.

Thanks very much, Daved and Nathaniel!