Percussion and Facebook's new site-wide pixel

Does Percussion have an easy way to automatically install Facebook’s new site-wide pixel that tracks activity on every page without having to manually update your website’s code?

You should be able to paste the script into your templates “Additional Code” section. Here you can add links to scripts, insert scripts in the head region, after the body start or before the body close. Ours is inserted before the body close, but just on our landing page template. 

You would find this when editing the template (Design), under Actions > Edit Meta-Data and scroll down to the “Additional Code” section.

Thank you! We will give this a try.

Good Evening,

Thank you Kim and Debbie for using the Percussion Community and answering the question. I have confirmed with one of my Percussion colleagues that Debbie is in fact correct :slight_smile:

Thank you have a wonderful night