Percussion Maintenance Mode

There needs to be a way that an admin can put Percussion into a Maintenance Mode similar to Wordpress. That way users can’t login while changes are being made either templates, dashboard, or even software updates.

It would also be nice if when a software update is being applied, that a maintenance page be shown letting the user know what’s going on. I don’t know about anyone else’s business but my users typically ignore my emails and then call saying they can’t get to the page. Would just be nice to have an intermediary page to give them any information.

This would have been really nice for the last two days as I won’t turn Percussion on until a urgent issue is fixed with my install.

Nice example:


We did the same thing. People ignored our emails, so they called us why it’s down. Also, this is similar and related:

@percussion - Any news on this?

This feature is Planned but not scheduled yet.  We do need to get an Administration feature in place first. We need this for our SaaS offering, and I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t deliver the feature in a way that works for our on-premise system owners.


What is SaaS? Is this like paying extra? I really don’t think it’s necessary to be part of SaaS, it should be built-in, just like WordPress. Makes no sense to pay extra… Unless I misunderstood.

SaaS - Software as a Service

This is where Percussion hosts your install on their servers.

I have a WCM Login button on my site.  Users are given instructions to use this page, due to information & updates I place under it and change out frequently. (Tips and such).   

When the WCM is being updated server side - I switch the button out to one indicating the WCM is Under Maintenance and I link to a page that has the same announcement I disseminate, giving the date/time/how long, etc…  (this curbs phone calls).

My users are very good about listening to me, because I’ve told them scary (camp fire) stories about editing during maintenance.