Published page giving a 404 error

I have read the other posts with similar titles on this site, but my problem doen’t seem to fit those.

I have a successfully published pages which says is live but when I click on the link on our live site, I get a 404 error.

It’s the landing page to one of our secured pages but I am logged in, and have access to those pages. All the pages under EMV are giving me errors.

Hi Carrie,

We’re going to create a support ticket so we can take a closer look into what might be happening here. Please check your inbox for a notification from our system; once I perform some tests I will reach out to you through that ticket with our next steps towards resolving this issue.

For other customers with an issue with the secure sections feature similar to Carrie’s, what was happening was Carrie had two secure sections that only allow access to one unique group each, and she had created a new member and assigned this member to both groups using the Membership gadget. The problem was, when she assigned this member to both groups through the group assignment text field, she separated the groups with both a comma and a space.

Our secure sections authenticate against the full string between the commas entered into that field, so the space was included as part of this member’s group name. Therefore, this second group wasn’t matching with the group that had been granted access to the second secure section, and so Carrie’s server was throwing back a 403 Forbidden error when accessing that section.

While removing the space from this member’s group assignment field fixed the issue, we are investigating ways to have this group assignment function be more forgiving with regards to spaces.