Publishing problem with paragraph tags


When publishing a page from CM1, empty paragraph tags are appearing as  in the browser, this seem to be a problem with the HTML and Rich Text widgets. £ symbols also appear as £.

How do I go about fixing this?

Thank you

Could you righ click on the pulbished page and look for an html element that looks like:

<meta content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="content-type">

I am thinking that your character encoding of the published page is set to something other than utf-8. Which would cause this issue you are seeing.

Are these pages being previewd in tomcat? There is a way to set tomcat to be utf-8.

Hi Nick

The tag is the same as above.

What are you using another application to copy and paste these paragraphs in like microsoft word?

Also what are you using as a web server application to view these published pages?

I’ve noticed this with content we have copied from other webpages and content we have directly created in the page widget.

The pages are published or our staging server (not CM1 server) using FTP. Its a MS 2003 server running IIS 6. Pages are published as .aspx.


It appears that your IIS 6 server might be attempting to use a different character set than CM1’s native UTF-8. I am going to create an internal support ticket for us to look into this further. Please check your inbox momentarily for that.


To close off this old thread, the issue here appeared to have to do with their server’s file encoding configuration for .aspx content. To isolate this problem, I asked Manjit to rename the page in question to use a plain .html extension, at which point the character encoding errors corrected themselves. Then I directed Manjit to some documentation on setting up file encoding for .NET sites, and his team was able to take it form there:…