Publishing - Steps

I want to be sure I am following the proper steps for publishing pages one by one.

  1. Receive link to review page

2 . I press Edit

  1. I press Approve

  2. I go back to the page and press Edit

  3. Then I press Publish (over to right)

Some where I thought I read I have to approve the page first. Is this the correct steps?


If you are in a role with publishing permission, you can publish a page or asset (for certain assets) directly without first approving it. This automatically approves and publishes the item for you. If a user is not in a role with publishing permission, they only have the option to approve, after which the next process would be for an admin to publish.

For clarification, this means you can publish a page individually with the following steps:

  1. Receive link to review page.

  2. Press edit.

  3. Hover over Publishing link and click Publish.

That will work fine and save time.

The way I am setting things up is using the default workflow.

Contributor > Editor > Webmaster (me).

Generally, once everything goes live, I won’t publish w/o getting the email notification.

Would I then simply log the page and press edit and then publish (on left)?

Thank you ~ this helps me ensure I am following the correct process.

That is the quick and easy step.

If you don’t want it to be published yet, click Approve on the right. But if it is something you are reviewing to get live right away, instead of Approving and then Edit > Publish, just do as you said, and Edit, then Publish.

Thank you – all very good responses.

Is there bulk approve?

Not at the moment. This is a feature that has been requested numerous times, and I think it would be a great ease-of-use function.

Thank you. The current process is very tedious bulk approve would definitely be a great ease-of-use function.