Question About Custom CSS on the Server

I am ready to begin making custom CSS to be placed on the server.

I see that in the Rich Text Editor it falls under: Format > Formats > Custom Styles

Where can I obtain more information regarding how I should go about creating a CSS file and how I would have the Server Administrator upload it for me?

Hello Debbie,

This page has specific instructions - seems like you’ve seen this but just making sure:…

This page also has links on how you implement these styles - either as part of a theme, or overriding CSS for a template.

If you are working to create a theme using your own CSS files, this is a good place to start:…

Your css files will live in your /web_resources/themes folder, and you can managed these yourself within CM1…

Let us know if this helps,

Sorry for the influx of questions.

With summer coming, my goal is to add custom styles and replace many of the HTML created items with Rich Text widgets that are pure CSS. This way, the Editors and Contributors can keep control and edit on their own.

I’m not after a theme, but to be able to offer additional variations on the layout design. I’m basically going after “Content Design” now.

I returned to school and switched my degree program to where there is a slant in CSS and Web Design, two areas that were not part of what I did, however with Percussion, I see the ability to push into this and again, add a fair amount of additional options through this custom CSS feature and snappable widgets in CSS.

Thank you :slight_smile: