Question for the community: If a full publish only took a few minutes would you need incremental publishing?

We’re looking at enhancements to publishing for 2014. One of the enhancement requests we’ve gotten is an option to only publish the pages that changed in a given period of time instead of doing a full publish. The question I have is whether this is still needed if we were able to significantly reduce the time it takes to do a full publish of your site. If a full publish only took 10 minutes, would you care about only publishing incremental changes?


We’re glad to hear that you’re looking at more publishing options - that’s definitely a feature we think would be helpful.
As for the question of full site vs. incremental publishing, we would be in favor of the incremental.
Where we are coming from is a fairly large site with about 50+ section folders, 2k pages, and around 70 editors / publishers, each with their own little section. Based on this, there are some issues with doing a full site publish:

  • These non-admin users can’t do a full site publish

  • It blocks publishing for other users. Our users are used to hitting publish, and seeing it live on the website nearly instantaneously, so when the publish queue is blocked, and it doesn’t appear immediately, then they usually think it’s broken

  • 10 minutes is a long time - especially when you are doing development, and potentially have to publish out something to test, and fix something, and then publish out again

What would be particularly useful for us would be the ability to publish on the template level (or section folder level) instead.
A use-case for this is the navigation widget (we are using it to display the contents of section), so whenever a new page is added then all the pages in the section need to be re-published to reflect the update. However, it is unnecessary to do a full site publish, (and once again, non-admins are unable to do so), to make the changes live. We can elaborate, or submit an idea suggestion if it would be helpful.

Thanks for your work on this.

I would use this feature because a full publish for me is north of 2.5 hours.
If a full publish only required 10 min of time then I would not see any problems with doing a full publish other than possible resource issues while publishing. This would be a great improvement for publishing. The only thing I would fear is more monitoring when not publishing abusing more resources during peak hours.

If publishing only took 10 minutes, I wouldn’t care about incremental publishing. Currently full site publishing takes about 1 hour and 35 minutes for me. Any reduction in that time would be awesome.