Quick Notes Of Windows Server Configuration - MYSQL, TomCat, Etc

I am wondering if there is a quick notes / cheat sheet of all the PlugIns, software and server configuration required to get up an running. I have a Windows server and am by no means a System Admin - but need to install and get the software running. But don’t know all the little pieces I require.

Hi Corey,

Windows Server’s default deployment should come with come all of the prerequisites for the CM1 application to function, and the CM1 installer deploys will all of the other required system components (including an optional SetupDTS.exe installer that you can install over your CM1 installation in order to run a local DTS Tomcat server for testing purposes). One major note is that – for future scalability and stability reasons – we strongly recommended that new customers use the Advanced Install option when running the CM1 installer in order to point CM1 to an external MySQL / MSSQL database, rather than the optional embedded Derby database.

In that case, obviously you will need a SQL database up and running prior to installation, either on the CM1 application server, or on a separate server accessible to the app server.

If you’re looking to run MySQL in a Windows Server environment, there are plenty of resources on the MySQL site outlining the best ways to set this up:


Alternately, if you’re thinking of purchasing a MS SQL Server license – or if you already have a SQL Server instance running on your network that you would be able to add a new CM1 database to (which is pretty common) – you will find good resources on the MSDN site to help you along:


Whichever database you elect to use, our installation guide outlines the few additional requirements and steps you will need to take to get CM1 installed pointing to an external SQL repository database:


Other than that, my last recommendation would be that if you choose to install your SQL database server (MySQL, MSSQL) on the same machine as CM1, please ensure that you have an additional 2GB of ram available on the machine beyond what is outline in our system requirements:


One final point to clarify (which can sometimes trip-up newer customers): CM1 users a tiered deployment model, meaning you will ultimately be running both an application server (where CM1 is installed) and a totally decoupled production web server, where IIS (or Apache HTTPD) and your DTS Tomcat will be running. However, the configuration of this second web server typically isn’t of immediate concern until you get further along with the development your site in CM1.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about all of this!

Thanks for your response. This is very helpful.

One more question however - If I have installed Percussion succesfully and now want to link it to a MYSQL database. The orginal setup was Derby. Can I do tis or do I need to uninstall the software and start over with a new instance.


While their is a way to manually redirect an existing installation of CM1 to a new database, it will be much easier in your case to simply delete your full installation directory (default is C:\Percussion) and then run the installer again, this time using Advanced Install and pointing the installer your SQL database.