Redirect users to the page they were viewing/editing after logout session

Have you ever been asked to log into a CM1 (Percussion) while you are editing a page after “automatically” logout? And after doing so you get redirected to Dashboard page rather than the one you were editing on that page? This is an obvious and rather common usability problem. When this happens people lose track of what they were doing and some might take a while to find out where they left it behind.

Please redirect back to actual page what they were viewing/editing before login/logout session.

I hope I make sense. Thanks.

Thank you, Aaron, for your suggestion. We have added this suggestion to our backlog, and it is under consideration.  In the meantime, you can access your most recent pages by accessing the home page.  This page lists the most recent twenty items that you have opened.  It includes both pages and assets.

Here is a link to our help site that will show you how to access your Most Recent Pages.

As always thank you for being an active member in the Percussion community, we appreciate your feedback. Have a great day!!!