I am managing 164 websites and originally tried to put them end-to-end in the system.

Example: Financial Aid is under Enrollment Management so before I had it as http://www.—.edu/financialaid

But now I have it under the other site.

There has been discussion about mkaing this more print friendly and where people can just enter it - but I prefer financial-aid to financialaid for searchability also.

Is there a way - w/o my having to create an empty site and do a .html redirect, to create urls and redirect them to the site - within this server?

Any workaround?

Stacking the sites side by side made it very hard for me to scroll over and set permissions.

Hi Debbie,

Yes, there are certainly ways to configure web server redirects beyond the basic HTML meta refresh option. When you redirect on the server level, you can redirect URLs that don’t actually match any content on your web server’s file system. Exactly how this is setup is all dependent on what web server software you are using to host your website(s).

For an Apache web server, you will want to use either the mod_alias or the mod_rewrite modules:……

For an IIS web server, your want to use the URL Rewrite extension:…

Finally, if your publishing directly to a Tomcat webserver, you will want to use the UrlRewiteFilter plugin:

To set this up, you will want to discuss this implementation with your IT / Server Admin department. You’ll likely need to provide them with a list of URLs you’ll want redirected. Let me know if you have any additional questions about any of this.