Remove calendar event from calendar widget

I need help with removing items that are appearing on the calendar after the files have been deleted from percussion. We’ve done a backup to see if the files will be put back in place and some did, however some did not. I am left with items in the calendar that i cannot delete? Please help. All options welcome as this is critical. I need to get this removed today.

Hi Kristy,

Where are these items in your calendar appearing on your live pages and in your cm1 previews?

Its appearing on the live pages, not in my cm1 preview.


Did you Archive these items(or remove from site)Before deleting them?

One of them was archived and the others were deleted. The one that was archived is not there anymore and the ones that were deleted are showing.

A little background: We just completed 5 upgrades and still not fully aware of all available functions since changing from 2.11. The remove from site feature is new and was unaware. In addition to that - we’ve experienced some FTP issues that are messing with my ability to publish. Which we are working through.


When you delete a live page in Cm1 make sure to archive it (or remove it from site) before you delete it. The reasoning is deleting a live page in CM1 will not remove that page from your live site.

You are still seeing the Items on your live calendar because those pages are still there.

To solve this either run a full site publish or recreate all the pages that you deleted (make sure the pages are in the same location, have the the same names, and are added to the same calendars they are appearing on) , next publish these page, Then remove them from site(if you archiuve them run a full site publish before deleting them). Last thing, check to see if the pages are still live, if they are not you can delete them in CM1.