Remove percussion css (non theme)

we added a breadcrumb widget and all of a sudden I have a perc_decoration.css effecting my styles. We have erased the percussion theme, how do we get rid of this css? It seems to be throwing our whole template off.


The perc_decoration.css file is used system-wide and is separate from the percussion theme. Is it affecting the layout of your templates only? If so, the perc_decoration.css file might be applying fixed-widths to some of your regions. Here is an excerpt from our help site on how to correct this:

"copy the following lines in the Region CSS section:

.vspan_2 { height : 120px }
.vspan_4 { height : 240px }
.vspan_6 { height : 360px }
.vspan_8 { height : 480px }

.hspan_2 { width : 160px }
.hspan_8 { width : 640px }
.hspan_10 { width : 800px }
.hspan_12 { width : 960px }

edit your theme.css file
place the copied lines at the top of your theme.css file

update the values to work for your theme design**
I generally find that changing the values to “auto” will fix the issue. You may also need to add an !important property to each class to ensure that the styles will override the ones present in perc-decoration.css

Also, when you say you erased the Percussion theme, do you mean you deleted it from the web_resources directory?

Okay, I figured it was the system-wide css. I will try to overwrite these settings and let you know if this is what is causing my issue or not.

Yes, I deleted the theme from the web_resources directory, is that a problem? We can add it back if we need to. But I wanted to make sure there was no conflicts with those styles.

I would recommend keeping the percussion theme in the web_resources directory, as there may be some widget-specific CSS present in that file you may want to copy out and paste into your own CSS file down the road. As long as you’re not using the percussion theme on any of your templates, you won’t need to worry about any of its styles conflicting with your own.

oh, okay, I would have assumed that any widget specific styles would be in the system-wide CSS and not rely on that theme. if that is the case, maybe it should be a non-deletable theme. as I for one like to keep my files clean and get rid of stuff I don’t see a future use for.

I think that’s a great idea for a future enhancement:

Maybe it should be a non-deletable theme. as I for one like to keep my files clean and get rid of stuff I don’t see a future use for.

Not sure that really makes sense, if it is something that is needed and shouldn’t be erased, that it should be in the system wide. If it’s something that is not effecting my styling and I simply want to “copy” the style so I can change it, well, I probably am not copying the style from percussion rather someplace else to begin with. I don’t know. I am not sure I really understand why I shouldn’t have deleted the theme. I feel like I am being told it’s not just a theme.

I believe what Jon is saying is, while the percussion theme is not needed if you have your own style sheet styling your site, and you’re not going to break anything by removing it (as you might by touching the system-wide CSS), it is regarded as a good practice to keep the theme in the system as a tool to reference for widget-specific styling options you may find useful down the road.

Hope this clarifies things. And Jon, let me know if I am misinterpreting you.

Okay, that makes more sense. Thanks!

For some reason CM1 is not reading my CSS file correctly. It’s applying a background image to a #header when it’s not suppose to apply one until i reference #header-bg. I’ve also noticed a few other inconsistances with it. For some reason it’s referencing a #container to wrap then entire page and center it. I don’t have a #container anywhere in my CSS. Where is it getting this from?

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CM1 Not rendering correctly.

If we can turn off any percussion css files from being published, that would be great! Our theme should control all styling for any widget.

Agreed. A feature request has been submitted to engineering for an easy way to disable some of CM1’s built-in styling, and thanks to all the support for this from the Community, the idea should start gaining some traction internally.

Did following the steps outlined in this thread help this issue for you?

For all that experience issues surrounding this CSS and support these ideas, please remember you can +1 this and other threads at the top with the Star or Me Too/+1 button. Engineering uses these counts to prioritize items and this seems to be a solid one.

Hello All,

Starting in version 2.10, several enhancements have been made to the default Percussion theme as well as the plain template, greatly reducing the occurrence of CSS conflicts and making it much easier to build a template using the plain template type. One particular area of improvement is the removal of the .hspan and .vspan classes that were previously applied by default to regions in the plain template and have been mentioned in posts above.

You can read more about the 2.10 and 2.11 releases here:……

On my new site using Percussion, I removed all of Percussion’s declarations, thus calling it “Barebone Percussion”. It worked great and no conflict.

As of version 5.2.1 perc_decoration.css will no longer be published to the Live web site.