rename assets folder

Is it possible to rename the Assets folder to assets (with a lower case a)?  

I think it would be nice to rename the folder such as “Assets” to “assets”, “web_resource” (WTF lol) to “resource” or something. Who does underscore? ;) 

I understand “Sites” and “Assets” have capitalized letter BUT would be nice to make it lowercase as well. Just sayin’.

There are a handful of system folders that can’t be renamed.  As an alternative, redirects or rewrite rules can be used to correct the path if there is content that is linking with the lowercase or a vanity version of the system folder name. 


I have an iis rule in place to rewrite and redirect from upper to lower case urls but that is causing redirect loops and lowering our optimization scores.  Is there nothing that can be done about this?  Seems like a pretty basic request.