Render Classic ASP code in HTML widget

I’m bringing our profile database for all faculty/staff into Percussion but I’m having an issue.  I have a page I named index.asp and placed the ASP code into the HTML widget but when I publish, it just shows the raw ASP code.

How can I make it render the code?

Hi Matt,

By default, classic ASP might not be configured on your web server.  Take a look at this document:…

Let me know if following these steps helps!



Are you using the tag in the HTML Widget around the ASP code? See This was added to prevent server side code from being stripped out when Managed Link processing runs on the HTML widget contents.



I know Classic ASP is configured on our IIS server.  We have a lot of classic asp stand alone pages outside of Percussion that work with no issues.


I did not have the tag in the HTML. I will add that and see what it does for me in just a minute.

I used when using PHP code in example.php and it worked fine. BUT there’s a catch.

If you’re using PHP, it will not work on Preview since Percussion is on Windows. You’ll have to publish it instantly and it will work on live site (using Linux server).

Hi all,

The Percussion preview mode doesn’t currently support PHP/ASP, etc.  You will need to publish your content to a web server currently setup to serve that sort of server-side content.  Whether that web server be Linux or Windows is up to you.  Let us know if you have more questions.