Replacing Images In Assets Folder While Keeping The Same Name

If I want to update/replace an image in the assets folder but want the name to stay the same how do I replace that image. When I replace the old one in the root/assets folder by simply dragging the new one in the old one still shows up when I refresh the page in the browser. When I use the bulk upload or create new asset to replace it they add (1) to the name. If I publish then go in and add the (1) the new one will show up when I refresh the page in the browser but I would simply like to quickly replace certain images without having to adjust links. I suppose when the site is live I will be able to do this in the ISS wwwroot folder but if I went straight to that folder and replaced it and afterward did a full site publish the old one would show up again when someone visited that page … yes no?

Hi Preston,

One approach would be to open a particular image asset for editing, then at step 1 “upload an image” replace the existing image with the newer version - this should preserve the name.

Let me know if this helps.


Worked! You rock!

Great Preston! Glad I was able to help.