Replicating roles for different sites

Is there a way to create a role that has the same capabilities of Navigation, Design and Publish as the Designer role does? I have individuals who will need access to one site that require having them have access to those functions but not on all sites. Maybe I do not completely understand the security of the system. Can I still block a user from a site even though they are using the same role as used in another site?

Hello Steve,

Currently with our product design we do not have the ability to create a specified user with those capabilities only for a single site. Admins and designers have global publishing rights. In terms of the user being blocked, that is possible through workflow configurations, but only for the content contributor and editor. You will see what I mean when coaching begins. All of this will be covered! Lastly, here is a thread where an idea similar to yours has been posted before. Read up and grab some great info!

User Permissions on Templates