Responsive Templates-- issues with regions

Has anyone had trouble with adding many regions to a template? I was able to the first few regions but now when I try to add any more the screen gets odd and requires a reload even after saving, in order to view the region. Then when I go to add a new region to the right side of my existing region it adds another around it, not to the side. I could be using too many regions but thought i’d see if anyone else has had a similar issue? Is there a cap on the number of regions you can use or a limit on where you can add a split region?


The responsive templates are based on Zurb Foundation. That framework has rules about how regions/divs can be defined that is slightly different than how the non-responsive templates in Percussion work. Basically, Foundation has the concept of rows and column. A row can never have content directly added into it, only a column can. A row also always takes up the full width of the allowed area. So at the simplest version of a template you would start with a outside container region (row) with a single region inside it (column). As you place regions within regions, it alternates rows and columns. If you try to place a region next to a row, it will surround it with an additional region in order to place two columns side by side. This is why you see some lines as dotted and some as solid.

I think this interaction is not as intuitive as we would have liked and I expect that we will continue to work on this to make it really simple and intuitive. In the meanwhile, I think there is a certain amount of trial and effort that you will need to learn to work with these rules. Pasting a screenshot of your template layout would be helpful as well.

I am also having this type of issue and have done quite a bit of fiddling with it and have attached screenshots.
Here I’m trying to add another region to the left of a nested region:

But this is the unexpected (and undesired) result:

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated because I’m having a difficult time creating this first responsive template.

I used get unexpected results with Dreamweaver’s WYSIWYG so I switched to only working with the code. I wish it was possible to do that here as well and am wondering if anyone else has suggested adding a code view for the template interface. I would be happy to add that as an idea.

FYI, I’m restricted to only using Chrome (Mac) for Chrome because of my client’s security requirements.


It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on based on the screen shots. I’d be happy to jump on a call with you and see what’s happening. One thing I notice when I look at your templates is that you wouldn’t be able to place content in any of the regions.  Content can only be placed in a column, which is represented as a dotted line. All of your lines are solid.  It would seem that somehow with the nesting of regions, something isn’t right.  It’ll be much easier for us to jump on a or Google hangout and talk this through. You can email me at with your availability.