Rich Text Asset

For some reason the rich text assets are not publishing.

The option, normally on the left, is not there to individually publish the asset. I hit the approve button on the right instead and published the entire site. Unfortunately it still says the status is “Pending” rather than changing to live.

Any help would be appreciated,

Only certain types of assets are directly published out as files (images, files, and Flash). All the other assets are embedded into pages and published only on the pages where they are used. For Rich Text, the Asset is going to published as text (html) content inside of any of the pages on which the asset is used. When the page is successfully published the status of the page is set to Live and the status of the assets on the page are set to Live as well.

There is a known bug right now, where some assets that are not directly placed on a page do not get their status correctly updated. Mostly this is for rich text assets that were added to a widget on a template (not added to a widget at the page level). However, this content DOES still get included on the pages. The improper status setting is being fixed in the next release. However, no one has yet reported any actual missing content on live pages.

Are you seeing the rich text on the Live pages where you have used the asset?