Rotating News Widget does not show up once published

I recently made some edits to a rotating news slider widget on our homepage and once I publish it and check the live site, a white space fills up the space where the widget should be.

I’ve individually published the page and have done a site-wide publish once the page was in pending and neither has yielded a working widget.

Is there something I’m missing?

Hi John,

Is the banner showing up as expected while previewing the page in CM1? If so, most likely the banner content is contained within a Shared Asset that has not been approved.

To check whether this is the case, open up your index page for editing, hover over the banner, and see if a path to an asset appears, such as “/Assets/Path-to/My-asset”. If so, find this asset in your Assets library, edit it, and click Approve.

Once the asset has been approved and is in the Pending workflow state, simply republish your index page. Let me know if this works.

Worked like a charm! I had saved it as a shared asset and hadn’t approved it.

Thanks for the help Nate.

No problem, John.

Hey John (or Nathaniel),

Is the Rotating News Widget a custom developed item? I have not heard of this one before and it would be really valuable for us.

Thanks for any insight.


Hi Jerome,

No, I believe John was simply referring to an HTML / Rich Text widget that contained code linking up to a third-party image slider plugin.

Oh. OK thanks. :slight_smile: