RSS Feed for Calendar & Events

I followed a link about the Delivery Tier being setup and when I went to the, I got an XML file back so I know that my delivery is configured correctly.

When I go to the page that I inserted an Events widget on and checked the RSS icon, I get the list of items but no RSS icon.

Also, I can’t quite get the calendar to show up with an RSS feed. Can anyone help on this?

I need to give both of these RSS feeds to a third party company that is wanting to integrate our RSS feeds into the iPhone & Android app they are developing for us.


Can you fill me in on your configuration here – how are you expecting the Event widget and the Calendar widget to function with your RSS feed, and what exactly is not working as you would like it to?

Is this something you are implementing in conjunction with the XML RSS feed you had been working on previously?


I was expecting to get an XML RSS feed link but it’s not showing on the Events Widget when I check the box. I figured it would put an orange RSS icon on the widget for the user to click on and take them to the XML. Am I wrong? I assumed the Calendar would have a similar function too.

If I’m wrong, how can I get an RSS feed for my Events Widget which I’m using as a “Latest News” and my Calendar.

Hi Matt,

Are you using a page auto-list widget for your events? If so, the RSS icon renders via some CSS code that is contained within the default Percussion CSS file, which is located in the Percussion theme. You can find it easily by searching for 'RSS Icon" within the file. You can copy that section out and paste into your CSS file, just make sure you update the image paths on the background images to /web_resources/themes/Percussion/images or copy the RSS icon image from the Percussion theme into your own theme images folder.

I added the code like you said but I don’t see the RSS icon showing anywhere. You can see the page at

Hi Matt,
Looking at the source code of that page, it doesn’t appear that the HTML markup for the RSS icon is present. Can you quickly confirm that the RSS feed for the autolist is enabled (This is done through the “Content” tab) and that the updated page has been published?

My bad. I evidently skipped that step. Sorry about that. Now it show but I guess it doesn’t show what I need it to show.

We have a portal system that is coming online at the same time as our new percussion website. The portal company want’s to tap into our Events & News RSS feeds to populate items on their Android and iPad app. How can I give them an RSS link that in in XML format that they can read into their app?

Hi Matt,
The RSS link that is generated points to our feeds service which does output data in an XML format.

Well when I click on the RSS icon in Firefox it just wants to add an RSS Feed to my Bookmark bar. I just tried the icon again and I’m getting an 503 error from…… on all my browsers.

Okay, it’s working again now.

How can I get an RSS feed for my Calendar now?

Hi Matt,
The reason it’s adding the feed directly to your bookmark bar is because Firefox is interpreting the XML output automatically as an RSS feed. Are you still getting 503 errors when you click the link?

Not anymore on my News section. Just trying to figure out how to get an rss feed for my calendar now.

Hi Matt,
Glad to hear it’s working again. Right now the auto-list is the only widget capable of generating an RSS feed. As for your calendar pages, what you could do is use an autolist again and use its filtering criteria (location, template, etc.) to point to those pages and generate a feed.

Oh, well I guess we will just keep using our third party calendar software since it gives an easy RSS solution.

Is there a way to use an autolist and have it filter based on a category?


You cannot do that with the page auto list; only the categories list widget is capable of that (which doesn’t have an option to create an RSS feed based on its output). Would it be possible to structure your site so that all calendar event pages are located under the same root folder, and that way an auto list could pick them up and generate an RSS feed of them?

We are looking at the possibility of adding the categories filter to the auto-list but it has not yet been done.

Not wanted the page to live under it correct department and then just show on the calendar.

Hi Matt,
The auto-list can also filter by template, so another option might be to have a template specific for pages you want to appear in your calendar.