Seeing this error - • 1. File not found --

  1. File not found –…

Seems to active link so any ideas why percussion would not find it?



It may have been due to network interference / issues during site import, or possibly restrictions on the addthis server blocking our application. We log these types of issues so that, if components on your imported site rely on them, you can grab the files manually and add them to your site’s theme folder and link to them through your templates.

I can add it to the theme but where? In the root theme folder for our site?

Hi Paul,

To upload a CSS file navigate to web resources in your Design folder.

To navigate to your web resources folder in your finder follow the folder path listed below:
*if there is not a css folder with in your sites folder create one by clicking the folder icon in the top right corner of your finder

Once you’ve selected a file to upload to you can upload a css file by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your finder and select “upload file…”

To add this css file to a template

  1. select DESIGN from the drop down in the top left corner of CM1.
  2. Click on the pencil icon on the template you would like to add the css file to. on the content tab.
  3. click on “Actions” and select “Edit Meta-data”
  4. Navigate to “Additional code”

From there you can add the html code to link to your css file.
Here is an example css reference code:

you can copy the path to the file directly from your finder. make sure to exclude “/Desig” and instead begin the path from " /webresources/…"
as shown in this screenshot

Here is an example css reference code:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/web_resources/themes/percussion/mystyle.css">