Select to Publish rather than Full or Incremental Publish options

Jan Doe created a new site called “Student Affair” that have over 20 new pages with hundred of assets (images, pdf, etc.).

Jan Doe doesn’t want to do one hour full publish for ENTIRE college website just for THAT new department “Student Affair”, just partial. Incremental and Full Publish options aren’t good options for her.

Choose to Publish (more likely “Partial Publish”) is the best option. So I can choose which Sites and which Assets so it will be published quicker.

Here is screenshot of what I meant.

Whoops forgot to attach other image

I agree, there has to be a better option than Full or Incremental publishing. Btw Aaron, tell Jan Doe that you know someone who has a full site pub that takes 8:37 so 1 hour is magical! 
Bulk Publish?


Do you mean new Section under a Site, or new Site?