Separate Edit and Delete buttons in every widgets...

The current Edit and Delete buttons are too close to each other in ever widgets. Plus they are too tiny. We have informed them that they can click anywhere on grey box but they tend to forget about it.

This is my mockup version and I think my approach is better. Keep edit on right and make it bigger since it’s widely used. The Delete is least used and is on far left (opposite side) and still same size.

Please make this possible on the next version or two. Easier for clients. Thank you.

I would have to agree. The create asset/page and delete asset/page buttons are also dangerously close. While I believe it lies more in training than anything, I have had people hit the delete button and just ‘OK’ through the popup, deleting entire folders.
Most of us in the IT field have trained ourselves not to dismiss popups, but most users have not.

Any progress on this?

Aaron, this is currently in our backlog.  We will let you know once we are able to prioritize. 

Thank you.