Setting permission per calendar asset?


Currently I have all my calendars in the default calendar folder. I had a user come up with an error message that wouldn’t let her publish her page due to the calendar. So from what info I could find, it looks like you can put permission settings on the folder level but not on the individual asset level? Is that correct?

So my users workflow has an assets folder asigned to it,so to remidy I am going to try and move her calendar into her assets folder, instead of leaving it in the main calendars folder. (Hoping this will work. Will let you know.)

Also if I approve a calendar asset from the assets folder, what exactly am I approving? (every event page that is linked to that calendar? Or just the calendar its self?) I am hoping that every event page can be approved separtly. I don’t want to override the event pages approval by approving the claendar asset. Am I correct?

Hi Sandy,

You’re correct they would only approve the asset and not every page associated with it.

moving it to a new folder is certainly one option! Another is to separate calendar workflow for the calendar folder, and give certain users roles tied to that workflow so they will be able to manipulate it.

Hope this helps!