sharing content

Hi all

one of our requirements when choosing rhythmyx was the ability to share content. Apparently it now seems that this cannot be done - we have a single page that appears in 2 places but with different navigation.

A suggestion has been to create a content type which has a single slot - the slot holds only a snippet variant of the original page. I have created a copy of my page variant and simply changed the fact that it is a snippet not a page and allowed this content to be assembled into the slot.

I have set this up, created a new item, added my page (snippet variant) to the slot but when i preview the page, nothing at all displays.

When i look at the xml, the related content is there and when i copy the url of the related content, this previews correctly.

Has anybody else implemented a solution which overcomes this non-ability to share content.


Though I’ve had other problems with Rhythmyx, I can’t say I’ve had much problem with sharing content, with putting content into different slots. What you’re describing sounds like what happened to me when my CSS and template were incorrect - I think I would have seen the invisible content if I had disabled my CSS stylesheet. What happens when you preview the snippet that you’re trying to add? Does publishing the page make it visible?


i think the problem i have is that it is not a snippet as such. my original variant is a page variant with its own navigation. this page is also available somewhere else on the site with different navigation - hence the inability to share easily.

i have copied this page variant and created a snippet variant that can be added to a slot. my new content type has only the slot - the variant for the new content type simply has the slot defined - not global template, navigation slots etc as this all comes from the snippet that will be assembled into the slot.

when i preview the new content type page variant with the snippet assembled, i get nothing. if i preview the snippet on its own i see the whole page as expected.

This was a solution suggested by tech support but i cannot get it to work.

has anybody else had to share a whole page with different navigation?