Sort Redirects Alphabetically (SaaS)

I’d love to be able to sort redirects alphabetically. It’s great that redirects now have their own widget, but it would be awesome to be able to sort them, especially since they’re now split into multiple pages.

Also, it would be great there was an option to make redirects *not* case sensitive (or all URLs for that matter).

I believe this is only a feature in SaaS.

I agree with ALL of this. Please make it a part of a release.

Thank you for this suggestion - I will bring it back to the team here at Percussion

Redirects are case sensitive because web servers can be case sensitive, and in CM1 SaaS the web server is always case sensitive, so we won’t be able to change that.  Adding the ability to sort / search for Redirects is a great idea.  This Idea can be tracked with issue number CMS-2548.

As a work around in the meantime -  if you have allot of Redirects, you can download the Redirects to a CSV file and open that up in Excel or another spreadsheet program, sort and search and make updates there, and the upload the CSV back to the Redirect Manager.  This will then update any redirects that you edited or added to the CSV.


Redirect manager has been updated to include sorting and searching of redirects. This will be available when the update is pushed next week. Thanks for the excellent feedback and feature idea.

WE ARE SO THRILLED! This makes our lives so much easier when handling redirects. THANK YOU!

Kristen you are awesome - hopefully this really does make your life easier thank YOU for your feedback