Strange Finder Capitalization

This is really weird, but in the Finder it seems to be auto-capitalizing all letter " i " s when selected. See attached screenshots (when my “district” folder is selected, the "i"s are capitalized):


Very odd; I’m not seeing anything like this on my end. Are you seeing this behavior when you have a page or template open for editing? I’m wondering if there’s any chance you have some JavaScript code running that’s somehow interfering with our UI. If not, do you see this behavior after clearing your browser cache, and in more than one browser (and, even better, on more than one machine)?

Seems to only be in Google Chrome (latest version)

Doesn’t seem to matter what screen or page I have open (i.e. currently on Workflow screen).

I cleared my cache and still seeing this issue.

Very strange. Still seeing nothing like this on my end. If you haven’t already, would you be able to test this on a different PC from the one you’ve been using?

Worked fine under chrome on a different computer (though it was running a different OS, windows 8 as opposed to windows 7 that I’m seeing the issue under)

Any ideas? I’ve never seen something so bizarre as to only capitalizing the letter i in words on highlight. It’s only in the pecussion cm1 though, so it has to have something to do with your site code in some form or another.


Bizarre is certainly the word here. What, if any, plug-ins do you have enabled on Chrome?

I disabled them all, restarted chrome and the issue still remains…

Thanks for trying that. Is there anyone else in your office running Chrome on Windows 7 that you can test this on?