Struggling installing Percussion CM1 in Ubuntu 14.04 in AWS.

Sorry, I am new to Percussion CM1. I am trying to install Percussion CM1 in Ubuntu 14.04 in AWS.
I have followed the documentation and was able to successfully install Percussion CM1 and DTS

Now I am struggling completing the steps in…
I am not very sure how I can make sure everything is working as mentioned under “Prerequisites and considerations”
So I continued doing the “1. Install the DTS Tomcat:” and completed upto " 5. Create FTP user and setup CM1 publishing server definition:"
I am not able to do “5.1. Setup CM1 FTP publishing server definition:” because I think it may should be done from Percussion Admin, which I am not able to access
I am not able to continue further 5.1.

The domain where I like to work on Percussion is : which is not working at the moment. It works and shows default tomcat home page, when I run “sh”. I have already run “sh” from percussion installation directory

Going to create a support ticket for this.  By default the CM1 server listens on port 9992.  Have you tried accessing that port on your server?