Template header

Hi need help please. I am trying to add two regions to my header for two separate widgets. but I can only add one. I think it might be because the regions are left justified. Any ideas are welcome thank you.

Hi Chris,

If you drag the add region tool to the far right inner edge of your parent template region, do you then see an active green strip where you can drop the new region?

yes it takes up the whole header region and moves my “logo” region with image widget below. cannot seem to get them side by side


Are you applying any custom CSS styling to these regions at this point? If not, you should be able to simply drag this new region below your logo region and re-size it’s width so that it has enough room within the parent region, or else you will experience a float drop. Also, if you can send along another screenshot of what you’re seeing in CM1, that would be helpful.