Tidy settings don't work?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to put a custom tag into an editlive field and I keep getting “<tagname> is not recognized” when I try to save. I have edited my Tidy properties file in System Design -> Configurations -> Tidy to add the tags, and I’ve also tried setting input-xml to yes. Either way it makes no difference. I also can’t seem to find any mention of Tidy settings in any Rhythmyx documentation. Can anyone help me out?

I’ve had problems with custom tags too. The Rhythmyx documentation seems mostly to refer to Tidy in earlier versions of Rhythmyx. For example, Workbench Help refers to XSplit, which isn’t needed with 6.5.2.:

Tidy - The file that sets the default properties of HTML tidy that Rhythmyx uses for XSpLit (tidy.properties).

You may need to define your custom tags in the Ephox configuration in <Rhythmyxroot>/rx_resources/ephox/elj_config.xml. See p. 33 of the Rhythmyx Technical Reference Manual.
There’s also information in the Ephox documentation.

I don’t believe ephox is the culprit at the moment. The error message is displayed when I actually save the content. The ephox custom tag definition is mainly so that you can have formatting show up in the editor when you insert a custom tag (so if you had a video tag, you could have a special box show up to simulate the space it will occupy when published).

The file you need to change is rxW2Ktidy.properties. Add your tag(s) to the ‘new-inline-tags’ line. This file is not accessible in the WB and must be edited directly. It is located in the server’s root directory. No need to restart the server after the change.