Unable to retrieve job status?

When trying to publish I receive this popup:
Current status of jobs
Unable to retrieve job status.

clicking ‘OK’ does not remove the popup and my Assets are not being published.
Is there a limit of assets that can be published at a time?
Is there any way to check to see what the issue is?


This type of unresponsive error pages can indicate that you attempted to run this publish or view the publish log when your CM1 session had timed-out. Can you close this tab and input {hostname}:9992 into a new tab in your browser, logout and then back in, and while in the Publish menu, expand the Publishing Log view. In there, see if any publish operation ran when you attempted to publish your site. If it did, see if there are any failures in the Status column. If no publish operation is logged from when you attempted to publish your site, simply attempt another publish and let me know if it goes through this time.


When I get this popup, I click ok, close the browser and reopen it and try to get to my server:9992 and i get the following.


It looks like you CM1 instance has crashed. Can you (or someone with access to the server CM1 is installed on) shut down the CM1 service (listed as “Percussion” in the services.msc tool), use Task Manager to ensure that all java.exe process have ended, and then start the CM1 service back up. (If CM1 is installed on a Linux machine, these steps will be different. Let me know if this is the case.) It will take a few minutes for CM1 to load up completely. Once it has, try accessing {hostname}:9980 again and attempt another publish.

Let me know how this goes.

I restarted the percussion service on the server and then ended the java processes, one of which was well over 1mil K memory. I then bounced the server for good measure. I let the server come up and gave it a few more mins to load up percussion. logged in everything looked good, tried to publish and received the unable to retrieve job status error message again. It gives you an OK button to click but will not clear the popup.
Also I notice that it is not letting me delete any asset folders containing assets. I can still delete them one by one but not by folder.

Is there a limit to the amount of files deleted within a folder, like 999 for uploading?
When I select a folder and click the x for deletion it does not do anything, but when I click on a single file and select the x I get a popup asking to ensure deletion.


Have you tested with a folder containing a small number of items? I am not sure if there is a Max it can do at once but we can definitely check with our engineering team for more information on that. More so, if you could test with maybe 5-20 items in a folder and see what the behavior is, that might help as well.

Also there is this:

I have no idea what that means when I click on a random asset folder in the finder.

It did delete a folder with 56 items - will not delete folders with 2k+ ha.


Both the “object Object” error and the unresponsive jobs status page can indicate a browser caching issue. Can you logout, clear all your browser history, login and attempt another publish? Additionally, if you have access to one, it would be helpful to verify that your encounter these same errors on a separate machine. If you continue to see these error messages I will open up a support ticket so we can look over you log file and get a better idea of what might be going wrong here.

As to the issue with deleting a folder containing over two thousand items, we’re going to check with engineering and see if there are any know limitations there.


I did receie the job status error again. I will try on another computer tomorrow.

Scott, if you don’t have any success with that, I will be happy to open up a support ticket for this issue to look into this closer.

Yes, I received the same problem from my laptop.
First got the unable to retrieve job status popup then cm1 crashed.

Could this be an issue related to bulk uploading 2-3k files then publishing, versus publishing after bulk uploading 999 files? It did publish before I uploaded about 3k files.


It is possible that your database is crashing due to insufficient memory being allocated for CM1. I’m going to need to look at your server log file to know for sure what is going on here. I am going to create a support ticket so you can send me that log file; please check your inbox momentarily for that.

Have not received an email so far except the notice of a reply. I updated my email as well.

Scott, we might have an out-of-date email address in our support system. Can you tell me if the email address you use for this Forum is your current one? If so I will update our records and resend the support ticket.

Thanks Scott, I copied down your alternate email and just removed your post for privacy reasons. Please check your inbox shortly.

I repliled with the server log, hope it got through the firewalls

It did come through. It does look like your database connection is going down; I’m going to look through your log closer and see if I can identify why. I will respond through the ticket when I have a better idea of why this is happening.