Unique ID for each post

WordPress blog have unique ID for each post (example: id=“post-50160”) on this page http://news.sfcollege.edu/category/athletics/.

I think it will be nice to have that for Percussion (example: id=“perc-post-51056”). The reason why is because I may want to apply CSS on certain post by targeting unique ID. 

Thank you.

Good Evening Aaron,Hope you are well, I am sorry for the late reply. I will take this back to the team at Percussion, give me a day or two. We really appreciate your continued involvement in the Percussion Community!!!
Have a great night

Hi Aaron,

While CM1 doesn’t currently output the unique ID of a page in a blog or page auto list, we do have a way of targeting specific categories of pages in a blog list.

Have you seen our Percussion.com blog page? https://www.percussion.com/blog/index.html

We use the blog list widget on it and it actually appends the category name of each post as a class to the list item. On our blog page I have it set up so that items that have a category of “marketing” it shows a puzzle piece icon that I set in the CSS.

Is this similar to what you may be trying to achieve?


That could work. Not the best approach but this’ll do. Thank you for your solution.

Please keep me posted if the unique ID ever come out :wink: