Upgraded 5.7 - 6.5 site copy issue

On an upgraded system we’re trying to create a new site from a copy, using the site copy wizard. We create a new community role, and a new community, to be used as the target for the copied site. But when we come to assign the site to the target community, it is not in the list of available target communities.

This is an upgraded 5.7 to 6.5 system, and we’re trying to copy a site created under 5.7. Perhaps someone could point me in the direction of the query resource used to return the list of available target communities so I can see why it isn’t being returned?

The forum suggests the target community must have a superset of the allowable content types available to the source. This would be fine, except when we drag legacy content types to our new community in the Community Visibility tab they simply don’t appear, with no error message.

I thought I had a workaround in that it might be possible to fool the system by copying the community that has access to the site to be copied rather than creating a new one, but that for some reason only works with one of our legacy sites. Seems completely random.

Essentially this is because the Community Visibility tab doesn’t work correctly in our upgraded system. Dragging Content Types to a community’s Visible Types node doesn’t add them. We had to manually add ACL entries to every content type for all relevant communities. It’s as if the upgrade process only partially worked. Also going to have to do this for templates I expect.

A good example - we drag a workflow from the System Design tab to the allowable workflows in a community - it appears for a wee while then disappears. Manually adding the ACL entry to the workflow seems to make the setting more permanent. At least for now.


Is this a problem you can readily duplicate? Or is it specific to certain communities? I would like to understand it so it could be fixed.