Upgrading Percussion UI issue

Please see screenshots attached.

Our IT guy is having really hard time reading this due to darker UI (Darker background with darker text). Also, the “Welcome and Licensing” area where these items are dimmed - it is pretty hard to read as well. 

Please remember -  accessibility is extremely important  for college/university. We have disabled IT worker with eye issues.

Please use Windows UI (lighter background) that is easy to read. See 3rd screenshot attached. I hope you can get this ready before 5.4 release.

Thank you.

Hi Aaron,

This is the first time that we’ve received a request related to the installer UI being hard to read.  Can you confirm that the installer did not pick up the active Desktop OS color / font scheme?

If not, we should create a support ticket to link a bug to and we will get the issue into the backlog for scheduling.



I think it’s part of Percussion installer package theme. 

Any progress on this? I thought maybe this will help: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ff657751(v=vs.85).aspx


We’ve got this in the backlog, but not sure if it will make it in before the next Installer cut.  We use a tool called Install Anywhere for the graphical installers.  Currently the installer is using a a custom graphic for the background.  I am not yet sure if we will go with the operating system theme (Linux / Windows) or if we will switch to a lighter graphic.  The tracking number for this is: CMS-1994

Any progress on this? I usually have to go help IT to get thru the steps. Thank you.