Uploading replacement file

I have tried the steps outlined on a previous post form another member to replace an existing file with an updated version and no matter if I Save then Approve or Save then Publish, the existing file is not updated with the new file. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

Can you do your file replacement and then preview to ensure it took? If it did not it might be over the file size.


Good afternoon, when you say “replace an existing file, with an updated one”, what specifically were you moving/changing? By that I mean, what folder is it in, and what is the file/type of file? I was curious if there might be some sort of workflow working behind the scenes, or something to that effect that wouldn’t allow you to manipulate it… Let me know what you find out…

Thanks for the replies. I have tried a number of different processes. I have tried Images (JPEGs, PNGs, and GIFs), I’ve tried PDFs, and HTML files. They are in various locations so the problem seems to be systemic. The file sizes are any where from a few KB to a few MB. A typical case would be updating a PDF user guide. I’d like to maintain all the links and file names but replace an existing file with an updated version where we may have updated the copyright. Just an example.

Have you tried different browsers/machines? I know with certain browser extensions I have seen problems with uploading assets. Lets communicate offline, and dig deeper into the issue. I will reach out shortly.