Uploading Video

I have a video that I need to upload to Percussion by end of business today. I’ve run into a problem though. When I try to upload the (300MB) video through the Bulk uploader, I’m told that I exceed the limit. So then I tried to upload using the single file upload method and get a weir XML error.

I’m needing to make this as easy as I can for my site editors so that they can upload these files whenever they need to.

Out of curiosity, why aren’t you uploading these files to Youtube or another video streaming site and simply inserting the embed code in Percussion? That’s typically what we recommend. In fact, that’s what we do ourselves.


It looks like this error is coming from SQL server. Unfortunately it’s a generic error so I can’t tell you exactly where to go to correct it, but I would guess it has something to do with the size of the data you’re transmitting (so it may be either a networking or SQL Server configuration that’s throttling the connection). I would start by looking in your Window Event Logs on both your CM1 and SQL Server machines to get more clues into this.

That said, as Dan mentioned, we find it’s a good practice to allow a streaming service such as YouTube to host and serve your larger video files. As well as lessening the load on your web server, this will prevent your full site publishes from getting bogged down a bit by these larger files.

These are out board meetings so we wanted to keep them locally. I just created a folder on our server and I’m manually adding them.

Well, that works too. :slight_smile: