Using external links to link to assets (pdfs)


I have pdfs in my assets folder (forms) that I want to link to from my drop down menus. Is there away that I can use the external links in the nav view to link to something sitting in my assets folder?

Example is I have a staff forms section of my website. I have a forms page that I’m using a file atuo list widget to link to every form. But from my forms drop down menu I am linkign to some forms built with formstack, using external links and it works great. I have one form that I need to keep in pdf formate (our attendance form). I want to lin to ti from my forms dropdown menu as well.

Can I do this?

Hi Sandy,

Sure, just create an external navigation link with the site-root relative path to the PDF asset as the URL, e.g. “/Assets/uploads/files/my_form.pdf”