Using the import ldap feature and not returning any results during a search

After configuring the CM1 ldapserver.xml file we cannot import any users. When we choose import the users a search tool comes up in the system and we put our search requirements in. The search tool starts spinning and processing then immediately disappears without any results in the results pane. There are no errors in the console.log especially anything referring to the ldap. Has anyone else experienced this. If so, how was it resolved?

I appreciate any help I can receive on this.


Hi Steve,

If you see no errors in your log file, most likely your query is being made successfully but simply not retrieving any data. If you use Firebug for Firefox, you can use the Net tab to observe the connection going through (appearing like “GET [search_input]”), and in the connection’s Response you will see “{“ExternalUser”:[]}” for a successful connection that retrieves no data.

If this is the case, first ensure that the user you are looking for is in fact a member of the organizationalUnit you have specified in your ldapserver.xml file.

Next, note that by default you are querying for the LDAP user’s “sAMAccountName”, not their CN, distinguishedName, ect. FYI, this can be changed by modifying the “objectAttributeName” element in your ldapserver.xml file.

Lastly, you can simply leave the “Name starts with:” field blank and hit Search, and this will bring back all of the users that are members of the organizationalUnit you have specified.

Let me know if any of this helps to steer you in the right direction.

Ok thanks, running a blank search worked just fine. I was trying to search using the first name or partial first name and the search requirement was based on the samaccountname (username). Is there a mechanism for having the ldap search over more than one attribute? if not, I will just have to change the way I search.

Again, thanks for you help on the matter


Happy to help. Sorry, there’s no way currently to define multiple AD attributes to search; you can only specify one attribute in the “objectAttributeName” element at this time.