Website issues with IE8

The FSA website using the percussion templates went live yesterday. ( The pages are not rendered correctly in IE7 and IE8. The site looks good in IE9 and above and also other browsers like Chrome and Firefox etc. Can anyone please help me fixing the look and feel for IE7 and IE8?

Sure thing! Check out the post below on Foundation’s forum.…

This should clear up your issues :slight_smile:

I have applied the fixes provided in the above link but the pages are not still rendering correctly in IE8.
We are using Percussion Version 4.4.4 and the templates we build are responsive. Can you please let me know the foundation version and a possible fix?


That fix should have worked well actually. I just looked at and I don’t see those lines of code for IE from that fix in there.

Maybe the code didn’t save in the meta-data of the template?

Can you confirm that you put this in your head:

And this in your “before body close” at the template level before you tested?
(make sure to put your specific path to the rem.js file that you downloaded in that script tag as well.

Once you can confirm that all of those steps were taken and you tried to re-publish and still don’t see the change in IE, let me know and we can take some additional steps.

I want to make sure that this is all set first since I don’t see the code from Foundation’s forum site on your website right now in IE.

I am trying to upload the rem.js from… but unable to upload this js file into percussion. Can you please let me know if this is the right rem.js file or can you please provide me the correct rem.js?

Yes that’s the correct one! You just need to download it from there and then upload it into your /design/web_resources/themes/… folder.

Yes I am trying to upload to a folder in /design/web_resources/themes/… I took a screen shot of the Issue.

That looks like you are trying to Edit Widget Content on a single page.

You want to upload the file by going to your cogwheel icon in the upper right hand corner of the finder window and click on “upload file” once you are in the correct /design/web_resources/themes/… folder. Then you would reference that uploaded file path in the meta-data of your template.

I am not trying to Edit Widget content. I am uploading the file by selecting the cogwheel icon in the upper right hand corner of the finder window itself. I am able to upload other files.

Oh okay - maybe your screenshot was from a different time. It looks like you are in the /Sites/ area of the tool rather than the /Design/ where you would be able to upload a file using the cog wheel. If you are having trouble uploading a file in general, I would have you put in a support ticket to have them look into this.

Sorry that was incorrect screen. Here you go…

I have removed all the code from the file and am able to upload empty rem.js

Hi Navyasree - I would put in a support ticket for this. You shouldn’t have any issues uploading this file. Thanks, Casey

Thank you but usually I notice that if the file has some error code, then it cannot be uploaded.

Okay - I get what you are saying. They may have made changes to that file since the last time I used it.

Another thing you can try is to make some updates to the file that you are already using for IE8 grid it looks like. I tried changing some of the percentage widths to be smaller (in the browser developer tools) and that seemed to work, along with other things.

For example, your top navigation has a class called “show-for-medium-up”. In IE8 is getting confused and it thinks it is a mobile device already. So you can add a line in your ie8 grid css to say that show-for-medium-up is display: block instead of display: none.

Does that make sense? Basically it will just take some tweaking to that specific stylesheet that you are already using just for IE8.

can you please let me know which version of foundation is used for percussion 4.4.4?

We ship with Foundation 4.

Thank you…Also do you have rim.js that you were able to upload?

Also I will also try to tweak the IE8 css…