What do you use to blog and what features promote your blogging?

I am curious. We have a blogging feature in CM1 so you can start blogging if you haven’t done so yet. But, I know many people out there already have personal or corporate Blogs and some people stay more active on them than others.

I am interested in what blog sites or systems people use or like to use more. Also, what features or functionality of these blogging sites/systems do you look forward to using or use most? Is there something about other blogging sites/systems that excites you or a piece of functionality that you find draws you to contribute to your blog more?

And for those that are readers or subscribers to blogs, are there some blogs or blog features that draw you in to reading certain blogs more than others?

I just think this is a good topic of discussion and way to reflect on our approach and how we can continue to improve our overall experience offered.

Other blogging sites that I’ve used in the past are:

Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, and Tumblr. Of the four, I found Wordpress the most feature rich. One really interesting feature that Wordpress has is a bookmarklet that can be placed on the toolbar. Anytime you come across an interesting article or piece of content while surfing the web, you can highlight it, click the bookmarklet and automatically create a post with your thoughts or commentary without opening the full-fledged web interface. It also allows you to add tags and categories while creating the post in a mini-interface.

Below is an article in ComputerWorld which recently compared Blogger vs Wordpress.

To learn more about setting up a blog in Percussion, visit this “How To” video:

That’s an interesting article to read and has some good things we can take note of. This is the kind of information I am looking for people to share. I like the idea of a feature rich app myself and enjoy the ability to manipulate it how I want. My only caveat is having something that is easy to manage as well. I like features I can complicate without a complicated interface.

I am also evaluating a few to create a personal blog for myself so these types of articles and posts are very useful.

I am a Tumblr user (http://abandonedblog.tumblr.com)). I have automated feeds from tumblr to twitter, although I have a paltry number of people following me. I really like the simplicity of tumblr and how it gives me simple ways of adding different types of content. I love how the design community has given different skins.

Besides Percussion’s CM1 blog, I’ve got blogs now on Blogger and WordPress. Of course, I’ve used every Percussion blog offering we’ve ever built since 2004 (some of them were just prototypes that never made it into the product).

The more I switch blog engines, the more I believe it’s the content and how it feeds into your site (or other metrics) that matters most. The blog as some stand alone “other” channel presents a lot of challenges.