What tools are available to export and import the Chinese version of the current website that we have in CM1?

We already have our english version of the website , we already translated the website to Chinese, we would like to find what tools are available to import the Chinese content to the CM1 ?

Hi Faris,

Will this Chinese version of the site exist in Percussion as a wholly separate site, or a sub section of your existing site?

If it’s the former, you may be able to leverage our LiveFirst technology by housing your new Chinese site’s content as static HTML on a temporary server and importing it into Percussion, at which point you could use one of our match content methods to link this Chinese language content up with your existing templates.

If it’s the latter, a more manual recreation of the site structure and a basic copy and paste migration of the content may be your best bet.

Hi Faris,

Another approach you can try is the “Copy Site” feature within CM1. If the structure of the Chinese site is exactly the same as the English, you may want to make a full copy of the English site (under Navigation Editor, through the “Copy Site” link). Once the copy is made, then you can go and rename pages in Chinese and manually paste content in.