When to submit a bug

I want to be sure we are all on the same page regarding when to submit a bug. Here’s what I’d suggest:

[li]If you find a bug, confer with the story team that owned that story, even if that bug was found against functionality delivered in a previous sprint or even a previous release.
[/li][li]If the associated story team does not think the bug should be fixed right now, or is unsure, then log it in Jira and be sure to note in the bug that the story team has reviewed it and why they felt it should be logged rather than fixed right away. Otherwise:
[/li][li]If the bug can be easily fixed right away, fix it. If not, track it internally to the team and try to fix it before the end of the current sprint. If you can’t fix it by the end of the sprint, then log it, again noting the reason it was logged rather than fixed.

A developer saying “I don’t have time to fix it right now” is not sufficient reason to log a bug. Remember, each time you log a bug that’s triaged to be fixed, then you’ve significantly increased the amount of time the team will spend on that bug (logging and fixing), and added to the time the 6 or more people that attend daily triage have to spend each day. If the story team believes it needs to be fixed for the next release, then fix it, don’t log it. You own the quality of your work.