When you select a region to explore in the Layout tab, is there a clean easy way to see all of its subdivisions?

The selected region gets highlighted and you can see the boxed regions inside it but you can’t see their names or ids. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what region a widget or a subdivision is nested inside.

It would be great to have a way to hierarchically see the subdivisions.

Can you use firebug at all to check? I think it’s just a matter of being very particular with creating your regions. You could also use firebug in the ‘Preview’ mode.

When you bring your mouse over any region while in Layout Tab, it will tell you the region name (div id). Approach above is also a great way to see full region hierarchy.

We will be releasing functionality around template building (which will make finding region names a lot easier) in the upcoming releases.

A minimize-able view/option to see region hierarchy based on selected region would be very useful especially when you start working with very big/complex html templates .

You might check the Region Explorer which can help you find a region by name. We also fully endorse the use of tools like Firebug to get deep into the page structure.

Having said that, we do also have plans for an “outline” mode that will show you all the nested regions at once. We haven’t yet finalized the release that will include it, but here’s a mock-up of what it will look like for a complex page of nested regions and sub-regions: