Where does the favicon get uploaded in the CM1 directory?

Where does the favicon get uploaded in the CM1 directory? Or does the sys admin need to have it uploaded with the base directory somewhere?

You could have the sys admin upload the file to the root of your site or preferably you could upload the file to a convenient location in your theme (using Design in Finder) and reference the file in the head of your templates as in the example below:

The easiest approach to the favicon is to upload it into your theme folder. Then add the tag to it at the template level through the Additional Head Content block in the Meta-data configuration.


Hello Jonathan-

During our support period we were working together to get the Favicon for VASTEC.com to populate in the browser. I have still been unsuccessful at this. I have tried several different file extensions, .ico, .png, .jpg, etc. with no success. The favicon is sitting here: \salem-hv02\web_resources\themes\VASTEC. The code I have enetered into the head content is: . No luck! Please help!

Thanks so much!


Hi Julie,
The code you pasted didn’t come through. Try inserting the code again wrapping it in HTML comments like this:

link rel=“icon” href="/web_resources/themes/VASTEC/favicon.jpg" type=“image/x-icon”

I removed the beginning and end carrots and it worked

Hi Julie, I am seeing a 404 (not found) error when I use that path. Can you confirm that the favicon.jpg file is located at that location?

There are several online converters to create an ico files from jpg and other image files:

it is there for sure. In the root folder for the site.

Thanks Heather! I will take a look at these.

Hope they help, I was under the impression on ico files would work, but I could be wrong! Best of luck.

It appears I was not publishing the entire site after entering the code for the favicon. Must publish the entire site, just not the page.