Why am I getting to nav entries?


I have a nav widget on my page and I am hiding all li tags inside that region and then only turning on the li’s that have the class of “libraryHomeDropDown” on them. I can’t figure out why I am getting the same li item to show up in twice in the nav widget? THe second entry entry-33 is the one I want to show because it has the childern li’s under it. My Css looks like this.

#libraryStudentReasourcesDropDown li


#libraryStudentReasourcesDropDown li.libraryHomeDropDown {display:block;}

See my screen cap. I don’t want it to show this entry-29.


Hi Ok still not sure why this was happening but I added this class to it and it seems to hide the duplicate.

#libraryStudentReasourcesDropDown li.nav-level-6.nav-entry-29 {display:none;}